Blue River Controls manufacture a ventilation control system that accurately monitors room or zone conditions and modulates air volume control dampers to maintain the desired comfort conditions. It can be stand alone or linked to a Building Energy Management system.

Both temperature and CO2 are typically be monitored. More sophisticated strategies however can include wind speed, rain and outside temperature sensors. For real world control classroom overrides can also be provided bringing an element of user control which include temporary “on demand” boost facilities.

Flexible programming is designed into this unit to allow full functionality to meet any standard or special requirements. As a general purpose control system it can incorporate control of heating, lighting, security or other functions.

The Ventilation Network Controller is based on a powerful programmable logic controller (PLC) which communicates with a network of input / output (I/O) modules. This allows a large system to be controlled from a central point whilst using a minimum amount of cabling. In essence a central controller operates with distributed inputs and outputs.

The central controller has a user interface (HMI) to facilitate operation by the user or client.

A range of HMIs is available from simple keyboard displays to touch screen graphic terminals.

Various I/O modules are available for use on the network but the 5AI / 2AO analogue module is the most frequently used module for ventilation systems.

If more inputs and outputs are required multiple I/O units can be used. Up to 96 analogue inputs can be accommodated on a single loop system.

For larger systems multiple loops can be used. The system is programmed via a laptop computer using standard Mitsubishi soſtware. A Modbus interface is available so that information can be passed to a Building Management System for monitoring purposes.