Maintenance for Addressable Smoke Control Systems

As this is a life-safety system we recommend that a maintenance contract is taken out so that the system is checked at least once a year by a control system specialist who would be able to establish if there are any faults or errors in the system. In addition, you will receive back-up office support for your system throughout the year should you experience any problems between our maintenance visits.

The number of maintenance visits per year will be dependent upon the size and complexity of the system. On each maintenance visit routine maintenance checks will be carried out to identify any faults.

We maintain a stock of spares at our office so that if a fault occurs it can be rectified quickly without having to wait for parts.

After each service visit we will issue a report detailing our findings and any recommendations. We will maintain a record of the equipment and software installed on your site for future reference.

Natural Ventilation Systems

We strongly recommend that your Natural Ventilation system is maintained on a yearly basis to make sure that it is in full working order. We provide maintenance services and office back-up support.

Car Park Ventilation Systems

As with the above systems, we fully recommend that your system is maintained on a regular basis to ensure the system is kept in full working order.