Simple Addressable System

For simple addressable systems we use our S90C System which is designed to control motorised fire/smoke dampers over a high integrity 2 wire network. In the event of a fire alarm signal, each damper is controlled either to be in the open or closed position dependent upon where the fire is located. This gives greater flexibilty than a hard wired system and also reduces wiring costs as each damper is not individually wired to the control panel.

The Blue River Controls S90C System uses a fire detection analogue addressable protocol that complies with BS5839. It incorporates the following communications network advantages:-

  • Resistant to fire and heat through use of Firetuff, pyro, etc. cabling
  • Bi-directional so a break in the cable does not affect the system
  • Fault tolerant of short circuits with the use of line isolators

Key features:

  • 2 Core screened Firetuff cable for communications
  • Maximum of 100 dampers per loop
  • Maximum loop size of 2Km
  • Multiple loops for large projects
  • Mitsubishi PLCs for complex logic
  • Fan controls can be incorporated

Multiple loops for large projects
At present up to six loops can be controlled from one Programmable Logic Controller (PLC). Very large projects can use multiple PLCs.

Maximum of 100 dampers per loop
Each loop of the system will accommodate up to 100 addressable units which can be for dampers, fans, smoke detectors or other field devices. Addresses above 100 are reserved for remote indicator devices where, for example, damper status can be displayed on a remote mimic over the comms loop.

Maximum loop size of 2km
This is adequate for the largest building. On multiple buildings, individual loop control systems can be networked to a Building Management System using Modbus protocol.

Mitsubishi PLCs for complex logic
The systems use Mitsubishi FX series PLCs for single loop systems and Q series PLCs for multi loop systems. These are very powerful industry standard controllers with a wealth of features. Programming is in ladder logic and can be modified and maintained by any engineer with Mitsubishi experience. Mitsubishi supply a range of fully programmable keyboard displays and touch screens for the user to interface with the system.

Fan Controls can be incorporated
Control of fans can be incorporated with the damper controls to give automatic operation in a fire, or override facilities for firemen. It is sometimes useful to interlock fans with critical dampers to prevent over pressure in ductwork.