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Blue River Controls design, manufacture and provide technical support for three main types of smoke systems:

Hard wired panels are directly wired to each damper which will close all the dampers in the event of a fire alarm signal.

This is a low cost system ideally suited to a system of up to 48 dampers. The dampers will automatically re-open when the fire signal returns to normal.

Addressable Systems are more sophisticated and can control each damper individually so that, in the event of a fire alarm signal, dampers are controlled either to be in the open or closed position dependent upon where the fire is located. This gives greater flexibility over the system and also reduces wiring costs when compared to a hard wired system.

The addressable high integrity networked systems interface with Fire Alarm and Building Management Systems. Simple Addressable Systems are usually used for smaller systems.

The PLC Addressable Systems are more suited to complex, larger systems. A keyboard graphical display unit (HMI) or touchscreen is available for PLC Addressable Systems and this is used to monitor and/or override the system for control and maintenance purpose. It is programmable to suit different requirements and includes password protection.